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Mobile Homes are one of the major items we move for homeowners in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. Whether you are moving a short distance or across the state you can depend on us for relocating and installing your home in its new place. Call us or fill-up the form to get a free quote from the best mobile home movers in town.

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Clarksburg Best Mobile Home Movers

Our mobile home movers provide full-service mobile home relocation, so you don’t have to worry about anything but look forward to living in your new home. Your mobile home will be disconnected from utilities, gutters, underpinning, HVAC, and any external attachments, then removed and set up at the new location.

We Have The Cheapest Prices

We have the cheapest prices on manufactured home transport and setup, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly to get a quote on how much it would cost to move a double wide or a single wide mobile home. Moreover, you will be treated as a member of our family during your move. We will customize a quote for you to meet your individual needs, assess your trailer to make sure it is roadworthy and will be transparent in our estimate of the moving costs.

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Don’t make cheap mistakes and move your mobile home on your own. Go with Mobile Home Movers in Clarksburg, WV, and get professional help. All necessary permits and forms are obtained to ensure nothing unexpected happens during the transportation of your mobile home.

Types Of Mobile Home We Move


Most of our moves involve single-wide homes. As one of the most popular types of mobile homes, we have worked with materials, multiple location issues, and even structurally deficient properties.


We have a team of licensed mobile home transporters skilled in transporting heavy, oversized properties and equipment throughout the state. So, it may look like a big deal to you, but to our pros, it is a regular day.

Tiny Homes

Having moved hundreds of tiny homes for years, we’re well versed in moving such properties, so we know how to handle them with minimal damage. This is where the years of experience pay off.

Manufactured Homes

If you are a commercial developer or if you own manufactured homes and need them moved, Charleston, WV Mobile Home Movers have decades of experience moving manufactured homes regardless of the size.

Mobile Home Movers Service In Clarksburg


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Aside from a great selection, we also offer unbeatable prices on new and used mobile homes, manufactured homes, and manufactured trailers. Need mobile home services? We’re your one-stop solution!


As a national provider and innovator of mobile home services, we offer transportation and re-leveling services for all types of mobile homes. Our mobile home moving services in Charleston can handle whatever your needs you may have, fast and right!

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About Our Company

Serving the rest of West Virginia for years, our mobile home movers are more cost-effective than the competition, even when relocating double-wide’s or tiny homes. We take pride in our brand. It stands for more than Southern charm and good old-fashioned etiquette. It stands for integrity, service excellence, and reliability.


Our mobile home moving service covers everything from single wide’s to tiny houses and even mobile offices. No matter what type of mobile home you own, we can move it. You won’t find a better mobile home mover or shaker than us. We pay attention to details, are affordable, and provide professional home movement services. No matter how big the job is, we’ll get it done right away. From the first phone call to the last hitch, we’ll have your mobile home moved in a flash.

What Is The Cost For Mobile Home Moving in Clarksburg, WV?

Although we’re not as cheap as other West Virginia mobile home movers, our pricing is still quite affordable. Although we may seem to be offering cheap service, we deliver the first-rate service in every respect. A number of factors affect mobile home moving costs, but the top three are typically location, a home’s type, and permits. Check out our guide to mobile home moving costs or ask one of our transporter specialists before you plan to move.

If you want an exact figure, moving a mobile home in West Virginia under 100 miles usually costs between $2,000 and $5,000, although costs may be as low as $1,000 in some circumstances. You will likely pay up to $15,000 in transport costs alone if you move a mobile home more than 100 miles. Contact Mobile Home Movers WV for more info.

The process of moving a mobile home may not be easy but our qualified movers are here to take the pressure away from you.

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